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To Write Something, You Have to Risk Making a Fool of Yourself ~ Anne Rice

Achieving Freedom Through Writing

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What I’ve Been Up To

What I’ve Been Up To

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Free Downloads

Free Downloads

Hi Friends, Thank you for rocking with me these past three months.  As a thank you, I decided to put all my free downloads in this post.  It will be updated regularly when I have more downloads to give away.  I hope you enjoy them, share […]



I have this idea for a script.  If you’d like to see this as a completed script, I’ll let you know when it’s done.  If not, let me know what you think in the comments.


The woods.

Dia is like a black widow, but more deadly.  She is the la diablesse.

PREMISE  Accept who you are or hurt who you love.
GENRE  Fantasy Horror
PROTAGONIST INNER JOURNEY  Dia, a 17-year-old la diablesse on the eve of her crowning, wishes to be part of the human world.
PROTAGONIST OUTER JOURNEY It’s not in her cards, especially when humans are her prey.
ANTAGONIST  Nori, Dia’s mother, schemed and conducted things behind the scenes.  Her first daughter was married to the most dangerous being and her second daughter had to fetch a husband just as dangerous.
LOGLINE A la diablesse on the verge of her crowning must choose to be faithful to the innocent or her calling when the object of her desire gets drawn into her midst.
*Mentor Kesha


*Reflection Angela


*Love Interest


*Additional/Supporting Characters







ACTS Stages & Turning Points Description
ACT 1 Stage 1:


 Dia hides behind a large rock and spies at Jason walking by with a heavy backpack while reading a book while playing with a stick while walking by briskly.  The more he walked, the older he got. The older Dia got.  They grew up with her watching him pass by.  Dia’s girlfriends come collect her during her favorite pastime. Her mother wanted to talk to her about her crowning.
Turning Point 1: Opportunity  A group of teenage boys’ car breaks down in front of the entrance to the enchanted woods.  It was Jason and two friends. Jason suggests cutting through the woods to shave some time and distance off their 10-mile hike into town.  His friends protest, but eventually, give in to Jason’s logic. Dia spots them and tries to warn then not to enter the woods, twice, but they continue anyway; not believing her to be real. Dia then volunteers to escort them through the woods, so they don’t get hurt.
Turning Point 2:

Change of Plans

 One of Dia’s friends agrees to help them, but the other has ulterior motives.  She rings the alarm and notifies the town of the human’s presence.
ACT 2 Turning Point 3:

Point of No Return

 All hell breaks loose as friends, neighbors, and family members do their best to scare, maim, or kill the boys.  One of Jason’s friends dies.
Turning Point 4:

Major Setback

 Dia’s other friend abandon’s her with the two boys left because she didn’t want to go against her family anymore.  She was their major guide through the woods, now Dia would have to rely on herself to do it. One of Dia’s friends slithers from a tree above them and snatches Jason’s other friend away.
ACT 3 Turning Point 5:


 Dia learns her mother was the one who made it possible for Jason on his friends to enter their town.  She called to them and caused them to break down.  Jason was her daughter’s present to achieve her crowning.  Dia choice was to possess Jason, or her mother would do it.  If she didn’t complete her crowning she was dead and so was Jason.  Dia’s mom lies to her and tells her she can save Jason by completing her crowning ritual with him.  She trusts her mother and completes the ritual.  The full urges of the la diablesse overtakes Dia.  She possesses Jason and then devours him.
Stage 6:


 Dia goes hunting in human town.  She sits at an outside table at a bar downtown.  She possesses a waiter to bring her drinks. She spots a group of young men and calls them to her. “You boys looking to party.”  Her eyes glow green under the brim of her hat.
How Do You Organize?

How Do You Organize?

I have been unsuccessfully creating calendars to structure my daily activities for many years.  It is only now that I have come to the realization that calendars do not work for me…AT ALL.  I try to schedule my day by assigning certain duties to a […]

Dream Stories

Dream Stories

My dreams are so vivid and filled with story masterpieces, at least once a week.  I can’t wait to go to sleep sometimes because the stories play like movies, and it’s the only place my acting is any good.  A dream is where I got […]

Yesterday to Tomorrow

Yesterday to Tomorrow

Recently, as in 4 days ago, my family suffered a great loss.  My uncle passed away due to a heart attack, and his death was heartbreaking and unexpected.  To get through this trying time, I have no choice but to find the brighter side of things.  My best friend said I shouldn’t harp on the end of his life but on the rebirth his life brings.  I didn’t think a rebirth would come so quickly, but I cannot question the opportunities before me.  My next journey will be my best journey to date.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, but not in the usual sense of celebration.  I woke up and was thankful for my life and the lives of my family and loved ones.  I took my son to school and returned home excited.  Tears didn’t fill my eyes.  I was excited because yesterday I had an interview at the institution that means so much to my life.  Not only am I a proud alumnus of this higher institution of learning, I am a current student as well.  On top of that, I was given the opportunity to interview for a position I believe to be one I can shine in and really make a difference.  I can picture myself retiring from this University after many years of helping other individuals find their voice there.  I want my son to go to this university too; that is how much I love this school.

I am not the type of person to work for a company I don’t believe in.  I believe in this institution, its mission, and its values.  I was so nervous going into my interview, but felt at ease when I sat down with everyone.  It was the best interview I’ve had in a long time.  I don’t think those interviewing me knew how much yesterday meant to me.  I was so thankful that I was able to meet with them and grateful to celebrate my birthday in such a manner.  This can be the rebirth I’m looking for after these sorrow-filled days.

My first rebirth brought me my son, my second rebirth brought me my CWMFA, and this third rebirth can bring me my purpose.

I am accepting good vibes in my period of waiting and mourning.  I’m sending out good vibes to all who read this.Happy birth month to all my fellow May babies.

Happy birth month to all my fellow May babies.



I couldn’t let two weeks pass without writing a blog and let you know what I’ve been working on. First off, I am writing a novella and a novel that add to my current Caribbean Folklore series, and it has been keeping me super busy. […]

Follow Me on Instagram!

Follow Me on Instagram!

Welcome to Burlesque

Welcome to Burlesque

I am currently working on a set of four intertwining stories in something I am  calling the Love Vignettes.  This is the introduction to the first vignettes.  It is part of a screenplay and the setup to Act I.  (Click on link below).

Welcome to Burlesque

Write With Me 1

Write With Me 1

(Time for a) REVOLUTION   Main Characters Name TAJ AISHA SABINA Powers Fly, prophecy, seer, forcefield Elemental manipulation Fly, telekinesis   Name Zola Camille Kellen Powers   Fire manipulation, empath Human/None   Human/Non-Active   POSITION NAME SOME CHARACTER INFORMATION Protagonist Taj Quiet, strong, & supportive. […]

My Stories

Pirates of the Caribbean Fan Fiction Short

I originally submitted this story recently for an internship I didn’t receive so I thought I would share it with you.  I hope you enjoy it.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Skeleton’s Cradle


A pirate stands on a table in a large crowded tavern singing, “A Pirate You Shall Be.”  Pirates around the room chime in as he sings.  There is laughter, debauchery, and serving wenches all around.  Some of the wenches climb on the tables and dance to the song.  Captain Jack Sparrow and his mates sit in a back corner and plan their next voyage.  A dark-haired wench walks in the tavern holding a bundle.  She rushes to the back and throws herself into Jack.  He doesn’t recognize her at first and even calls her multiple wrong names. She stomps in frustration and tells him her name is Rebecca.

Jack offers Rebecca a drink, but his rum bottle is empty.  He hears a baby cry and slowly backs away from her.  He points at her and her bundle awkwardly.  Jack turns to Mr. Gibb and asks him about the funny sound.  Mr. Gibb shrugs.  Rebecca tells Jack that it’s a baby, his baby.  Jack backs up and stumbles into an empty barrel.

A few men enter the tavern and head straight to Rebecca.  Her brother, Thomas, scolds her for leaving the house to be with pirates.  He sizes up Jack and punches him in the face.  Jack’s crew stands.  Jack, Thomas, and their men all draw knives and swords.  The men begin fighting and start a ripple of fights with the rest of the patrons in the tavern.  The singing pirate continues to sing as he fights.  Jack and Thomas dance across the room with their swords climbing over tables and other pirates.  Rebecca chases after them with the baby.

Jack struts across the bar as he dodges bottles and bodies.  He tries to duck Thomas, but Thomas is a very skilled swordsman.  Their swords clash up and down the tavern’s stairs.  Jack runs across the tabletops, kicking the bowls and mugs in his way.  Thomas gives chase and corners him between a wall of box crates and a large round pillar.  Jack acquiesces.  Thomas hits him with the hilt of his sword and knocks him into the crates.  Rebecca screams at her brother to leave Jack alone, and the baby wails.  Thomas wrestles the baby from Rebecca’s arms and rests him on the nearest table.  He then snatches her away and runs to exit the tavern.

“I’m sorry, Jack. Take care of our baby,” yells Rebecca as she disappears.

Thomas’ men follow them out, and Jack and his crew circle the wailing bundle on the table.  Jack pulls back the wrappings to expose the baby.  He picks up the miniature pirate dressed just like him with extended arms.  The baby smiles.  A map falls off the baby’s bottom.  It reads “Skeleton’s Cradle,” and “X” marks the spot.